Functional Fitness for your Spirit

Functional Fitness for your Spirit

Would you or your team benefit from having more confidence, cooperation, and insight? Our programs offer proven methods for building these skills through adventure-based instruction in self defense, meditation, and personal development.

Earth: Confidence.
You remember to believe you have value in order to stand up for stand up for yourself when someone demeans that value. You are connected deeply to your core.

Water: Intelligence.

You learn to see beyond your viewpoint to process all angles of a problem so you can quickly drive home the answer. You are connected to information.

Fire: Action.

You learn to take the moment, the moment it is available. You know your purpose and ready to act. You are connected to your desires.

Wind: Mutable.

You are in motion, touching all sides of an experience. You give space to problems and allow their solutions to arise. You are connected to purpose.

Void: Everything is connected.

You have the complete foundation for creating your life, your way. You contribute to making the world a brighter place.

The Elements

Our offerings are rooted in the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. Each element, like each person, has a personality. We manifest these elements in different ways throughout our lives. On an energetic understanding, these elements help form the shape of our actions. Earth is still and strong. Water is fluid and powerful. Fire is carving a path and creating change. Wind is mutable and all encompassing. These elements are both mind states and physical expressions. For example, when we are feeling watery, we may pull back and look at the problem from a different angle. But if we are feeling firey we might skip the directions and jump right into the problem.

Creating the Void means we are bringing all the elements into balance. I think of the cardinal elements on a disc and the disc is in a tube. To move the disc up and down smoothly, the elements need to be balanced. If the disk tilts too much because an element is either over or under developed, then we risk that disk getting caught. Each element brings a gift also.

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