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NoteI’m taking a new class and one of the objectives is to honor in yourself all the things you’ve already manifested. It’s a reminder that nothing is impossible so when you want to create something new and that you already have a history of success. As I’m putting together my mew home office, I found one of my journals. Last year I realized it was time for a change, a big one. I thought I’d own that business forever so making the decision to sell was a big deal. I knew who I wanted to sell to but I had no ideas about how to structure a deal. But as I thought about it, I realized the deal was the least of my worries. What I really wanted was to create a transition as meaningful and empowering as I’d tried to do everything in my business life.

I made my transition 22 days before my deadline. I engaged in all aspect so of the sale with presence and grace.  I do hope others perceived me as open, upright, and authentic, as I conceived myself. I evaluated and rejected certain choices. Now as I begin to plan what I’ll be investing in next, I look forward to those manifestations.


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