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Dreams are perhaps the most vital part of our humanity. Dreams connect us to our soul’s purpose; to how we do our part to create a better, brighter world. Our soul purpose informs our vision and our vision guides our actions. Our actions determine our results in the world.

I’m home sick today and I’m binge watching NCIS. There’s a particular poignant episode where the team rescues a teacher from the Taliban. When the traitor is caught, the teacher is asked what should happen to her captor.

Teacher: …She should… watch those girls change the world in positive ways she never imagined.

Gibbs: That’s a punishment?

Teacher: That’s a gift, sir. Punishment’s knowing she could’ve done the same.

In every generation there’s an issue that divides people. From overt cases of war to McCarthyism to civil rights (and everything in between), people find a reason to be in conflict. It’s easy to get hooked into fighting against each other, rather than fighting for an ideal.  The most important thing we can do is dream. Dream of the future we want to create–the bright and beautiful world we are proud to call home. We create the reality we experience and it begins with our dreams.

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  • Alicia

    Love this! I am also marveling at your ability to be inspired by a TV show. Thank you for reminding me that inspiration is generated not received !

    • Mary Aitoshi

      Thank you for that reflection! It’s one of the main reasons I watch TV—to be inspired by the human condition.

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