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It’s finally feeling like Spring is really here. I stood feeling the fire of the sun beat on my face and shoulders with such joy this morning. I feel alive, awake, and aware. It’s the perfect day to release my updated Fire poem. Enjoy!

Lessons of the Fire

At first I thought

Fire is angry,



I’m a good girl, the nice girl. I can’t do this.


I run and hug my friend.

I’m so happy she’s in class today!


Wait! That’s it—that’s fire.

Fire isn’t angry.

Fire is the overwhelming energy of pure emotion,

The unhesitating expression of what is NOW!



I meet you without hesitation.

I know what you want,

What you think,

What you plan.

You’ll not defeat me.

Like a shadow when the sun is behind you,

I’ll always be a step ahead.

If you turn to meet me,

I’ll get you from behind.


I’ve learned to trust my intuition.

To let myself be free.

To express my Yes or No

Without delay or uncertainty

I own my truth.

I’m willing to argue, to love, to cajole, and to fight

For making the world a brighter place.

I am able.

I let go

Of who they think I ought to be.

I release opinions that are not mine.

You may keep them,

If you want them.



A phoenix rising,


both new and

the same.

A beacon.

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