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Designing Soul Garden has been an incredible time of insight for me. I’m lucky because I get to dive into the material as I create it. I get insight into who I am and how I’ve gotten to where I am.

Language is important to me. It started with a love for reading and deepened as I discovered writing. As my martial arts practice developed, so did my need for just the right words at just the right time. In learning and teaching self protection, the importance of being clear with myself (knowing who I am and what I want) and others (trying to avoid conflict through clear speech).

That’s why it was so overwhelming when I started writing the information for Soul Garden and had such a plethora of words. I had nearly a dozen outcomes. I sat with the words, meditated, wrote and rewrote. I finally realized that I had two classes: Soul Garden and Elemental Magic. I split up the work and lessons and narrowed my focus. I choose the 3 most important outcomes: Freedom, Happiness, and Influence.

As I’ve been talking with people, I’ve had some amazing conversations. In a world that feels like marketing speak with no complexity, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get into the depth of the words.

Freedom means the ability to make any choice. It means you can differentiate between your inner knowing and all the other voices. Freedom is the ability to let go of everything that isn’t on your path. When you know something is right, you can make all the moves to go after it. You can release it when it’s time to move on. You accept yourself as you are, every quirk, every idiosyncrasy, every flaw is a strength.

You will know you are experiencing freedom if you don’t second (and triple) guess every decision. You don’t need to spend any energy on wondering what you want. Life is as easy, though likely more complicated, as it was when you were 5.

In spite of talking about it every day, striving for it, desiring it, we don’t often take the time to define what it means. Happiness is the strength of your internal light. It is your deep knowing that everything is ok, the world is a bountiful place, and your gift brightens the world. Happiness is not about circumstance but rather your internal sense of abiding.

You will know you are experiencing happiness, when you find yourself unconsciously smiling. (*Note: not all people are smilers but that doesn’t mean happiness is unavailable.) Even on a bad day, when circumstances look bleak, in your innermost self, you feel good. When you are alone with your thoughts, you experience deep, abiding peace.

Influence is your ability to impact your external world. We influence everything from world events to what we wear in the morning. Influence is our measure of being able to manifest our desires. It’s important to differentiate control and influence. Control is about fitting everything into a box; influence is about allowing our intentions to become real in the physical world. It is often messy or unexpected and often delightful.

You will know you are experiencing influence when you are able to make things happen. You make and keep commitments. You reach goals or dreams with ease.

To nourish the soil for your garden, prepare by putting away all electronics, put on comfortable clothes (or no clothes), and find a private space.

Focus on your breath for several minutes. Hear all the smells. Breathe. Listen to the sounds. Breathe. Feel the air on your skin. Breathe.

Give yourself permission to be free again. Free of meaning but driven by purpose. Give yourself permission to be happy again. Sit alone in the garden (metaphorical or real) with nothing—no phone, no camera, no book, no pen. Just you and your heart. Give yourself permission to influence the world. Turn your energy outward, share your gifts, state your preferences, walk away or stay despite the logic.

Give yourself permission to take risks—be untidy, messy, disorganized, unplanned. Do nothing with the energy of SHOULD.

Give yourself permission to love. Start with yourself. Be fat, lazy, insolent, rude, and kind. Do nothing with the energy of Good Girl.

Give yourself permission to share. Expect nothing in return. Receive with no guilt of how to reciprocate. Do nothing with the energy of “it’s expected.”

When you let go of the

  • Behavior
  • Label
  • Expectations

When you sit soul-naked in the garden, bared to the soul, you will know you and you will spur into action becoming the you, you were meant to be.


*If you’d like to chat about whether Soul Garden is the right choice for you, please reach out.

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