9/11 Reflections

I debated for a long while about whether to post these pieces. I just submitted them for my first grad school project and they are definitely early drafts. But it’s also 9/11 now and so [...]

2 Weeks in Ireland

2 weeks ago I spent 2 weeks in Ireland. Right now it feels like a dream. I put together all my posts (sans pictures) to try to recapture some of the magic. Putting them together gives me a chance [...]

Hurricane Agnes

June 22, 1972: Allentown, PA Hurricane Agnes In a surprise landing Pelts the land with Rain And Wind. She floods The land And the increase In pressures Drives pregnant mothers, My mother, [...]

Instapoetry Collection

Do you follow me on Instagram? Lately, I’ve been sharing one line poems. I enjoy the challenge of evoking emotion using the font, background, and words. I’m still establishing my brand style, [...]


In honor of my acceptance, I wanted to share with you one of the poems I submitted in my body of work. This is a poem in a series where goddesses (and other women) share their myth in their own [...]

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