Writing Your Warrior Story

An Exploration of Self, Dreams, and the Path

We all have a unique story. We have a specific POV, setting, cast of character and plot twists that create the fabric that weaves our tales. Sometimes these stories get lost or overshadowed by a prevailing, dominant paradigm and we learn to undervalue our own experiences.

In most modern Western cultures, the archetype of the warrior is conceived of as male, young, athletic, and supremely strong. The Warrior is typically competitive and gains his reputation through winning these competitions. Rarely do we examine the feminine side of these Warriors. We don’t herald or recognize the personal growth, forgiveness, naked commitment to truth that lives on the Yin spectrum. Every person has been through their own hardest moment. Sharing our stories allows us to process the events in many different ways. We create a community of voices that challenges how we view the world and how we are seen.

Adding our stories to the warrior rhetoric is critical to the growth and development of ourselves and to a culture of empowered people. Being able to talk of the fullness of our stories creates a universe that is tolerant, inclusive, and strong. We are all heroes, warriors battling inner doubts and external forces. We create everything in our lives from families to jobs to political positions to wealth to personal safety and freedoms.

One of my biggest learnings is the cycle of Victim–>Survivor–>Warrior. I’ve written about how we go through this cycle because we aren’t in charge of what happens to us, only how we respond. Writing our story helps move us from one stage to the next. Community helps ensure we move forward.

This course is designed for people wanting to delve into their warrior story. Stories create space for characters. Even in autobiography, we can be surprised by who we are and the details of our evolution.

  • In a Warrior Culture, the tough guys are honored and the feminine is often undervalued creating tension and struggle for a voice, to be seen, and to be understood.
  • Validating that the feminine approach is a worthy goal for all people. We can learn where to conform and where to rebel. We can allow our own feminine and masculine influences to be seen and understood.
  • By writing and exploring our own stories and honoring the work that we have done and who we have become then we can be stronger in our own hero story.
  • We can stop spending energy proving that we are valuable, leaving us with the freedom to move forward from here.
  • Telling our story helps us to be comfortable in our skin. People say “I feel free. My stories support me, uplift me and give me access to my magic in a way I didn’t have before the course. I let go of the “should” and comparing myself to others.”
  • People show up and commit to truth. We get honest about our struggles and doubts. We commit to being willing to get naked.

This Writing Your Warrior Story program will release fears, reframe events, and  empower victories. 

AT THE END OF THE Writing Your Warrior Story PROGRAM

  • You will have essays, poems, blog posts about the experiences that brought you to the martial arts.
  • You will have essays, poems, blog posts about your transformation, how you processed your trauma and let go of what was not yours.
  • You may submit your story for potential publication on the Being Ninja blog (nothing will be shared without your permission).
  • You will feel confident sharing your gifts with the world.
  • You will have feedback about your writing in a supportive atmosphere.
  • You will reconnect with your own brightness.

HOW WE DO IT IN THE Writing Your Warrior Story PROGRAM

  • Multiple meditation techniques (movement, insight, visualizations)
  • Breathwork
  • Creativity exercises
  • Community feedback
  • Sharing our works

Writing Your Warrior Story PROGRAM STRUCTURE

  • 5 live online, group video classes. Using the zoom platform, we’ll meet once a week. (These sessions will be recorded in case there’s a week you miss or you want to revisit the session.)
  • Private facebook group to give and receive feedback on your writings.

Writing Your Warrior Story CLASS DATES

Wednesdays at 2pm — 3:30pm EST

Nov 7, 14, 21, 28 and Dec 5, 12


Mary StephensMary A. Stevens, II is a kunoichi (female ninja), 4th degree black belt in To-Shin Do ninjutsu, empowerment coach, and entrepreneur. Her interest in esoteric teachings started  in the mid-1980s reading everything she could and experimenting with different modalities. Even then , people sought  her out for issues related to crystals, manifestation, and healing. She felt deeply that something was missing that would allow her to truly make a difference for these people, perhaps there was a reality-based, grounded quality of study she could add?

In 1991, Mary almost died. Laying in the hospital, having lost most of her senses, the only  way she knew she was alive was by listening to the heartrate monitor. She managed the overwhelming panic by breathing to control the sound of  her heartbeat. This experience of meditation in the physical world led  her to realize she  needed to connect her head with her body.

In 1998, she found the martial art of To-Shin Do and found the physical and spiritual training of the ninja. Combining body work with internal change and growth represented exactly what she needed. Mary is now one of the highest ranking women in To-Shin Do and currently training towards her 5th Degree Black Belt. Her training has taught her that she can handle whatever life has come her way.

In 2005, Mary opened her own dojo and started sharing this mystical art with students in Boulder, CO. Mary absolutely loved utilizing her intuition to run her business for 12 years. Mary followed her intuition to the day she woke up and knew it was time to sell the dojo.  She worked with her top student and helped him find his way to become the owner and leader of that community. It was terrifying for Mary to make that leap–to be 45 years old and selling a profitable business providing a stable income. With no plan, she put her stuff in storage and packed the car with essentials. Then she and Penelope (her Rottweiler) set off for a countrywide road trip.

Everything she knew, everything  she has  learned, encouraged her to trust that inner voice. It was time to jump.

That same voice led her home to PA . After months on the road  she started the process of creating Being Ninja. It was time to create programs that let people experience the growth and esoteric teachings she spent two decades learning.   From To-Shin Do, to studies at Naropa, to Buddhist studies, to adult empowerment, she has a unique ability  to share programs that  that allow participant to experience their best life.


I have taken classes with Mary for years- and look forward to many more!
Each and every time I feel like Mary’s gift of insightfulness and intuition helps me connect with my deeper truths in a safe way.
Mary’s years of experience and training puts her in a unique position to help unite people, reveal universal truths and uncover hidden potential.
Make time to take classes with Mary- you will be glad you did!


I have known Mary for over 10 years and have been a To Shin Do student for 4. I learned so much as a beginner from her about accepting my body and honoring how it moves in the world. She has a unique way of approaching students that empowers them to bring out their very best. Her depth and breadth of knowledge always impresses me and makes me have new perspectives in looking at life through my training. Mary is passionate about bringing the feminine perspective to what most would perceive as a masculine art form. I would take advantage of any opportunity to train with her on and off the mat.


Mary Stevens has an uncanny ability to hold a clean clear space and facilitate deep transformation of situational and self-perception. Its as if she is able to hold up a mirror which allows me to see myself and the context I am in with a clarity and freedom that I had not previously experienced.

She has many times helped me shift from a perspective of confused overwhelm to one of capability, clarity and strength. I highly recommend working with Mary Stevens.


During all the years I’ve known Mary, (at the dojo and even after she sold her dojo in Boulder and embarked on new adventures), Mary was there for me, encouraging, pushing, praising, prodding me past my limitations, and giving me permission to be powerful. She’s alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) gentle and fierce, blending clear, direct insights with love and deep compassion, and facilitating the kind of mind-blowing breakthroughs I could never have imagined.


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