What We Do

What We Do

Would you or your team benefit from having more confidence, cooperation, and insight? Our programs offer proven methods for self defense, meditation, and personal development.

Self Defense

Multiple studies have shown that fighting back improves your chances of surviving an attack. In addition, learning a thoughtful art like To-Shin Do can improve your ability to win in any conflict. Learn what your strengths are in handling conflict and add new skills to be more capable in creating resolution to arguments. Through both physical and mental self defense, you’ll learn to defend and win against the most common threats. The more you practice, the more deeply we can go into strategies and actions. These classes are offered as a one-time class or as an ongoing series for each element. Contact us to design the custom program that’s best for you or your group.


Meditation is easier than you think when you have an instructor to show you the way. While it’s true that some people do multiple hours every day, not everyone aspires to be a marathon meditator. With the skills learned in this teaching, you’ll have the tools to meditate easily at home. By learning these practices, you’ll have tools to improve your happiness, lower your stress, and live your life more fully. Contact us for private or group classes.

Nature Classes

Being in nature grounds and resets your spirit. It helps you connect to your core, both physically and emotionally. Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) has been shown to improve physical and mental health. It reduces cortisol levels and decreases feelings of stress. Sometimes all you need is to take a walk but our busy schedules and crowded neighborhoods, don’t always give us the chance to be unfettered. With classes throughout the Lehigh Valley and regular access to multiple nature locations, you can have the forest bathing experience. Contact us for private or group classes.

WooWoo Stuff

Soul Garden

Drawing on shamanistic traditions of a soul home, a soul garden is a place where the truest you lives. As a child, I identified this as a small source of light that lived in the heart of my energetic body. (I did try to explain this to adults—they smiled and patted my head). As I’ve cultivated this connection, I’ve created meditations to help me strengthen and find this place in times of stress. It can be a sense, a visual, a song—whatever it is that helps bring you back to you—this is how you cultivate a soul garden. If you’d like to create a Soul Garden you can visit in meditation, contact us for private instruction.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that brings ease to bodies and minds. I began studying Reiki in 1999 and eventually earned my Master Reiki in 2005. Individual healing treatments are available. I also have a particular talent to anchor Reiki energy to an object for your own self healing meditations. Contact us for details.

Card Readings

Drawing on multiple decks depending on your needs and resonances, I can do a reading to help you work through a particular question or concern. Card Reading inspired artworks are also available. In order to give you the most optimal reading these are done in a short Q&A sessions, followed by a written report and analysis of your reading. Contact us for details.


The 10 minute meditation left me feeling refreshed for days. I was more productive and happier. Whenever I felt myself getting stressed, I went back to the exercises. It reminded me that I have to tools to control my experience. Book this class!  ~ Stephanie

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