Who We Are

Who We Are

Would you or your team benefit from having more confidence, cooperation, and insight? Our programs offer proven methods for self defense, meditation, and personal development.

Why are we here?

We help you remember who you are, who you want to be, and what you are here to create. We help you ignite your light so you can shine the way you were destined to. The world needs your gifts.

What does it mean to be an empowered person?

Em: To furnish, give :::: Power: the ability to do something or act in a particular way

When a person is empowered, they gain in their ability to access their talents. In its best forms, empowerment helps you recognize and develop your talents so that you can grow. Your best and greatest teacher is within. We help you develop that dialogue.

What do we do, and how do we do it?

We help you gain confidence in every interaction. Through martial arts and meditation classes, we teach you how to connect with your inner core of confidence and cultivate it into a soul garden.

What makes us different?

We start with you. Our structure grows and changes with you—we don’t ask you to conform to us. Empowerment is about helping you find you uncover and cultivate YOU.

Self defense is more than just learning to punch someone. Self defense is any and all actions a person takes to improve their safety. It is learning to speak up for yourself. It is knowing what you want to accomplish and how to go about it. Learning physical self defense is fun and it builds skills in accomplishing intentions.

We use a combination of practical and mystical and east and west. If the technology works and fits in the tool kit, we use it. We build on core principles and design every program to suit your needs and outcomes.

For example, I designed a Ninja Walk series for a manufacturing company who wanted to have zero workplace injuries. The classes were taught at all different times of day to accommodate shift workers.

Think big. Be inspired and ask me–I bet we can make your dreams happen.

Meet Your Mentor: Mary Aitoshi

Mary Aitoshi4th Degree To-Shin Do Black Belt, founder of the Boulder Quest Center which she owned from 2005-2017, and current owner of Being Ninja, Mary is a dynamic woman changing people’s lives. Though the ancient and revolutionary art of To-Shin Do, mind clearing teachings of meditation, and spiritual connection of nature programs, Mary teaches people to live life fully, freely, and fearlessly.

Mary fell in love with martial arts as a young girl watching karate kid. While she begged her mom for lessons, she was told that martial arts isn’t for girls. She turned her attention to other sports: swimming, softball (she was hopeless), and tennis. In college she had the opportunity to finally take self defense and she was so disappointed. The techniques taught were eye gouges and knee breaks, which may be useful but weren’t really relevant to the dangers she faced. How do you deal with a drunk and angry friend? A boyfriend who won’t take no? A boss who talks about your breasts? Those were the problems she wanted to solve.

In 1998, while living in NC, she noticed there was a ninjutsu dojo nearby and through a series of happy happenstances, convinced her boyfriend to take classes with her. In this style she found the elements—a way of looking at both the social and physical realities of conflict. In 2004, she moved to CO and opened a dojo. Being able to establish that community and teaching is one of her greatest accomplishments to date.

In 2017, after many life changes and strong calling to Home, she sold the dojo and embarked on a road trip around the country. Eventually settling in Emmaus, PA, she founded Being Ninja to bring the dojo to you. She teaches workshops and classes in self defense, meditation, and nature programming.


As someone who is a skeptic when it comes to meditation I was pleasantly surprised as to how approachable the seminar was. I really enjoyed the 10 minute walk about as well as the 10 minute guided meditation, it gave me something to focus on and it was pleasant to know that you weren’t expected to be an expert or “empty your mind.” I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new and progressive way to take stress on by the horns. Take this class! ~Careen

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